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With the sea of businesses littered around every industry, it can seem difficult for a young Entrepreneur to navigate your way through, stand out and get your market share. This is the principal reason I created Talk2urhommie Communications. 

At Talk2urhommie Communications, we teach Entrepreneurs, like yourself, how to be visible and reach your target market fast through Brand Strategy, Social Media Communications, Content Creation and PR (Public Relations).

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What We Do.​

We teach Entrepreneurs how to stay engaged with your market in the most entertaining and enlightening way through, developing and maintaining a quality Brand Image, effective Social Media Communication, creating engaging content and concise Public Relations. 

Allow us design a solution that best suits your needs

Services We Offer

Branding & Consulting Services​

People always mistake Branding for Social Media, and they are wrong.

Branding is the content you communicate to your audience that makes you stand out from your competition.  while, 

Social Media is merely the communication channel.

Let us help you pass the right message to your market in the fastest way.


Social Media Managment

96% of Small Business owners use Social Media for their marketing and sales needs, so do not part of the ignorant 4%. 

Let us assist you to maximize Social Media platforms to bring sales, publicity and an engaged community.


Corporate Writting​

Business communication should be professional, clear and concise.  Let our writing team help you properly define your goals, identify your problems and arrive at the solutions through your Company Profile, Website Content, Portfolio, Press Releases, Product Review, Proposals and Business Plans today. (CONTACT US)Let us help you manage your Social Media accounts. (SIGN UP)

PR & Influncer Marketing​​

If Branding is the story you tell; then, PR is sending your message to the right ears, on the right platform through the right people to assist you in maintaining your Brand reputation.

At Talk2urhommie Communications, we help you pass your message and products to the ears and eyes of your potential market.


Graphic & Video Content Creation​​

With 90% of information transmitted to the human brain being visual;

Do not make it difficult for your customers to find you! 

Let us teach you to create quality Graphics Designs and also create Video content that suite all your communication platforms.


Web Design & Development​

Take a moment to imagine what it will feel like for a customer to have searched for a product/service for a long time and finally found a company that provides it on social media.
He quickly rushes to the web to get more information about the company – how authentic it is, where it is located, if it delivers to his door step, delivery time and more, only to find nothing about the company other than just social media accounts.
Instantly, the company looks too small to handle the customer’s needs and too unserious for the customer to risk purchasing products from. Once this kind of reputation is established in the minds of your potential customers, it is going to be hard to recover from it and then increase sales. Do not be this person.
If you are looking for an audience, more customers, or people to influence, you have got to have a professional website as your website is the center of your company’s online presence.

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