Today we recorded the first Corona Virus death in Nigeria. And I, who have never been moved by the Corona Virus Pandemic, was shook.

It is not the fact that the Virus had killed thousands of people all over the world that did not move me; it is however, that following my 21 days prayer and fasting at the beginning of the year, I entertained the daring idea, to go on with my prayer every evening.

So, from 8:50pm to 9:00pm, I would talk to God about my day; my life; my family; their needs; and soon, I realized that there is just as much need as I had. So, when I had out-prayed my needs, I began to pray for my country, Nigeria; the government; the people.

Then came the Corona Virus Pandemic, which just posed as another prayer point to present to God, so I keyed it in.

At this time, it was spreading through China and then America and killing people there. As I prayed, it became clear to me that this Virus had come to level the ground for all countries.

It no longer mattered how rich the countries were nor the opportunities that existed there; all the citizens had to stay home. Businesses were closing, Schools were closing and the economy was halting.

I began to ask the Lord to cleanse the Land, The World as a whole.

I stood in the gap for the whole world and I accepted that we were all sinners and asked for mercy. Then I asked God to wash our land with the blood of Jesus.

After each prayer meeting, I left with such boldness and affirmation that our land will be cleansed by God; hence why I was never moved by the Virus.

Until today, when I heard the news of the death of the Nigerian man by the Corona Virus. Only then did I allow myself consume information about the Virus.

I followed NCDC, the Governor of Lagos and stopped by every post that talked about the virus on Instagram. And fear began to creep in.

Yesterday, while I prayed, I was moved to say out loud that the Lord was going to cleanse the whole earth off the Corona Virus within the next 2 weeks. And Today, fear put a huge doubt to my believe.

‘2 weeks? How? With all the articles and conspiracy theory I had read all day? How could God cleanse the whole world in just 2 weeks?’

I pondered on these thoughts all day that when it was 8:40PM, I stopped myself and rushed to YouTube to find some consoling content. I scrolled up and down looking for anything that would distract me from the topic of Virus.

I finally found something and then, settled down to watch it.

It was a video posted 6 months ago about 2 American actresses, discussing their lives and journey into acting while eating this huge portion of sea food.

2 minutes into this video and it was already doing the work – distracting me from everything the world was discussing at the moment and I was loving it.

Until, my phone halted this feeling with the now annoying alarm, informing me that it was 8:50pm – My prayer time.

‘What was I going to tell God?’, I thought to myself. ‘The world is coming to an end!’ And so, I dismissed the alarm and continued watching the video.

8:53pm, I heard the interestingly commanding voice of the Holy Spirit say to me,

“So even if the world is coming to an end, is it these 2 actresses that have no idea who you are, that will save me from it all?”

That was all I needed to hear to shut down my phone and head to my prayer alter, my office, to offer my prayers to God.

I ended up praising and worshiping God for 40 straight minutes. I worshiped His Majesty, His Awesomeness, How Mighty He is and my faith began to stir up again. I began to feel better, stronger and more courageous.

I do not understand what is currently happening in the world but the one thing I know is that, when I do not understand a thing, I give it to God and He has never failed me.

Today, I choose FAITH over FEAR.

I know God always does what He says He would do. And even if He does not do it the way I expect Him to, I am certain that it would end in my favor.

Join me to count down to 2 weeks. Join to say a prayer for the world every day.

1 Day gone, 13 more days to go!

3 thoughts on “FAITH OVER FEAR”

  1. Sonzia Sidoine

    I bless God and equally pray to look upon us during this crucial period. If it’s a way of expressing your anger please your own very mercy intervene. When two or three are gathered in y’a midst you’re present either from far or near with the same intention surely you Intervene dearest lord.
    Thanks for sharing Aunty Hommie.

  2. Thank u so much hommie , your post really encouraging me …. I have just been ask to leave my job recently and I have been so worried on what next …?in two weeks I have lost almost 3kg because of fear of not having a job and what next to do
    I am a strong believer of what God can do , but getting my self a prayer alter to take my problems to him as been very dragging……,,but reading ur post today has really gingered me to start and I am really encouraged
    Thank you 🙏

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