You see, every time I have heard the saying, more like the instruction, ‘Faith without Work is dead’, it has always confused me. I mean, I only need to use my faith when I do not know what else to do; So, how am I supposed to work when I do not know what else to do?

Today, I was reading the book of James and I got the best understanding of this topic. James clears my confusion by simply replacing the word ‘Work’ with ‘Action’. So, ‘Faith without Action is dead’.

Now, let’s look at the number one man of Faith in the Bible, Abraham.

Before we dive in, I’d like to give you some guidelines:

Whenever you are studying about anyone in the Bible, remember that they are human beings like you and I. They went through the same fears, worries and insecurities that you might be going through right now. Hence, to better understand their stories, put yourself in their shoes.

So, say you are Abraham.

Now back to his story.

He was a mature man who was living in his parent’s house way longer than he should have. Imagine living in your parents’ house after age 30, without bring money in or contributing for anything in the house. The frustration you’d go through every time you have that deep heart to heart talk with your Father, in my case, my Mother… Yeah, that was the exact position Abraham was in.

He had gone through this for too long that he could not take it any longer, so, he ran to God for help. He must have prayed days and nights, asking God to give him direction, breakthrough, favor, job… anything that can help him come out of his situation.

Then God finally speaks, and tells him to leave his Parent’s house to a land that he would show him.

What is that? How can you be asking God for a way out of your problems and He gives you the most confusing response – Leave where you are and go to a land that I will show you?

It wouldn’t take God anything to have told Abraham exactly where he needed him to go to but, what I am have come to realize is that the journey of life is a Faith working ground and it pleases God to know that you are completely reliant on Him.

So, Abraham had two options, in fact, three:

He could remain in his parents’ house, after all, that one is even more certain than going to a place he has no clue about. Or,

He could just sit and complain about how unclear, mean and wicked God is. How can God say we should ask him for help and we when we do, His response is almost like no response at all. Or,

He could put all his faith in God and begin the journey.

He picks option three and opens the door of great uncertainty and heavy reliance on God.


I like to describe walking in Faith with God as someone walking through a very bushy land. His front and sides are completely covered with tall bushes and he needs to get to the other side of the road. Each step he takes must be very scary and risky because all sort of wild animals can pop out from anywhere and consume him but God tells him to walk and so he walks.

Now he does not see past each step he takes but all he knows is that somehow, after he takes one step, the path opens, just wide enough for the next step.

So, no matter how uncertain, scary and risky the path is, when he looks back at how far he has come and the clear path in front of him for his next step, he knows that God is really with him in this journey and so, he continues.


Abraham begins his step by step journey. Even when he did not know where he was going and deep down his heart, he feared that this might be a fruitless journey, he still takes the next step forward.

Let’s take a moment to imagine how sure he must have looked to his wife and brother-in-law, as he took each step forward and they followed him? Abraham must have looked very certain of the path that it even shut down every doubt they must have had.

Have you ever experienced a situation where you are so confused about something you are doing but when people see you, they celebrate the miles you have accomplished and talk to you like you are an expert in the field?

Oh, I have been here one too many times. I work in a very uncertain industry. The blogging and content creation business is so uncertain that one can spend hours and hours creating a content you think is superb and when you post it, people will not be interested in it at all.

When I started blogging, it was just me fulfilling my hobby of telling stories. I would write stories and post on my blog and was never bothered about if it got tractions or not because I had a job that was sorting my bills and I was living comfortably. Until I stopped working and started blogging full time.

Oh, I was confused. I tried different techniques to grow an audience, I tried posting different content style and in all my confusion, people would see me and commend my growth and mastery of my field. From the outside, I looked like I knew exactly what I was doing but, on the inside, I was a confused wreck.

The more I did this, the more of my savings I was spending until I hit the last chunk of it.

I was broke and that should have been my cue to move on from it but just when I am about to throw in the towel, mysteriously, help would come my way from sources I never expected it to come from. And id look back at me yesterday, who was sure I was done with my business because I could not afford it financially; then look at me today, who now had just enough to pull through for the next two weeks.

These were signs that no matter how uncertain the journey forward seemed; God was in it with me; He had my hands in His hands and He was always leading me forward.

I don’t know what you might be going through presently but, if you have the capacity to take the next step forward, sometimes that is all that really matters; taking the next step. Sometimes, it is a test from God to know if you would trust Him enough to take the next step He provides for you.

So, my darling, it is by your action that we can tell that you have faith and not by just saying that you have faith.

If you have prayed and all you can see is as far as tomorrow, thank God for the vision and opportunity to get to tomorrow and assure Him that you trust Him to lead you to the future and your Faith combined  with your actions will work for your good by His grace, Amen.

Thank you for sharing your time with me, see you tomorrow.

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