Isn’t it funny that we Christians spend most of our time in prayer, asking God to show us His plans for our lives; that He should tell us the next step we ought to take and after days and nights of praying, The Almighty God finally speaks to us and maybe it is not what we were expecting Him to say; so, we act like we did not hear Him.

Some of us actually receive the instruction with joy and begin the mission but few days into it, we let it slide because the mission somehow alters the normal course of our lives.

I fall into the second category; but this around, I guess God was tired of my sloppiness and so, He altered the supposed normal course of my life, to pass His message to me as clear as possible.

If you have read the first part of this series, you would know that writing this series was an instruction I got from God. I got it so clear that He even went ahead to give me a name for it, ‘Faith over Fear’.


It all began this year, after I had cultivated a habit of taking out 40 minutes of my time, every day, to spend with God. There was no particular way it went; some days, I would pray, other days Id just worship and the rest was a mixture of prayer, worship and quiet times.

It was such a beautiful and new experience for me that sometimes, while I am worshipping, Id experience strange things like, singing a song I have never heard before. I mean, my eyes are shut, I am singing worship songs to God and all of a sudden, I’d be led to just let out sounds and then words would flow out of my mouth; words of songs that rhymed with the sound I was making. Oh, I was having an experience with God.

Then began the whole talk about Corona Virus.

Different countries started to report their citizen either falling ill and dying of the virus. The more news I heard, the more I changed my prayer points, to God saving the whole earth and healing our lands. I prayed in this manner until we recorded the first Covid-19 case in Nigeria.

One case turned to two, then ten and a hundred and people around me began to panic. Conspiracy theories spread everywhere of everything that could be the cause and effect of the virus.

Weirdly, I was not panicked at all. By this time, I had developed such a connection with God that I was sure that He was in control of not just my life and that of other believers but of the whole world.

So, one day, as I was praying, God showed me how much fear had encamped the world and how little worship and praise were going up to Him from even believers.

I told Him that people were afraid and that He needs to help us kill fear.

Then, He asked me why I was not afraid?

I said it was because I spent 40 minutes of my time, every day, with Him and I had developed so much faith and trust in Him that I was sure He would never allow any evil to befall me.

So, He said,

“You should tell this to the world.”

I should tell the world this? Really? How? I had stopped blogging and even writing for a long time. I had closed my story writing blog and opened a professional website. I did not have it in me to write.

The more days passed, the more fear I sensed in the world and the more the idea to write was impressed in my spirit.

‘What was I going to write? What did I know to write? What was I even going to call it?’, I wondered to myself and within seconds, I heard the name, ‘FAITH OVER FEAR’.

That night, while I observed my fellowship with God, I told Him I was not sure of what to write and He replied and said,

“That is the Holy Spirit’s job, not yours. Your only job is to be a willing vessel and the Spirit will fill you mind with the words and message to share, once you sit down to write.”

Immediately after my prayers, 9:30PM, I sat down, turned on my laptop and began to write. To my surprise, I filled up three pages with words that flowed from within.

I was amazed at this but what was more amazing were the comments I got after posting it on my website. One lady said,  

Thank u so much hommie , your post is really encouraging me …. I have just been asked to leave my job recently and I have been so worried on what next…? in two weeks I have lost almost 3kg because of fear of not having a job and what next to do

I am a strong believer of what God can do, but getting myself a prayer alter to take my problems to him has been very draggy……,,but reading ur post today has really gingered me to start and I am really encouraged

Thank you 🙏

‘How did my post have this much impact?’ I wondered. However, something about it pushed me to write the second, third and fourth edition. Then it all began.

When I shared the post on my platforms, I noticed that people were not as receptive of this kind of posts as they were my other posts.

I was concerned about my followers now seeing me as an evangelist of some sort.

I also was bothered about how time consuming it was to write the post because I would start writing at 9:30PM and finish at almost 12AM. This prevented me from chatting with my friends and also working.

These things troubled me so much that when I wrote my Easter Sunday edition, I did not even share it on any platform.

Three days after, I wrote the next edition, this time about ‘The next step believers should take after the Rise of Jesus.’ and that was the last time I wrote an episode of Faith over Fear.


I continued praying and consciously never brought it up in prayers. In my mind, I was still spending time with God and now I had more time to talk to my friends and work all through the night. Until something strange happened.

My laptop began to malfunction. The work that I had been clamoring about was now put on halt. I reached out to a technician and after several online work, he told me that the only way for my laptop to be repaired was for me to bring it to him to work on.

That was certainly not possible because of the compulsory lockdown we had in Lagos.

So, that night, while I prayed, I committed it to hands of God. I told Him that He is a healer and that there is nothing too difficult for Him to do and I was sure He was going repair my laptop.

Two days later, my laptop worked and I was able to edit and post a video on my platforms. The next day, the laptop was back malfunctioning. So, I prayed again about it. When I was done, I went to the sitting room to calm my mind down and watch some YouTube videos to pass time till 12AM for me to begin my online course.

While I was at it, I heard the Holy Spirit say to me,

“Isn’t it funny that humans will ask God to help them with their heart desires and expect Him to answer them but when He asks them for His heart desires, they would turn a deaf ear.”

I knew what it was about – The Faith over Fear series.

So, I responded,

“I do not know what to say or write about.” Then the Holy Spirit reminded me that it was His job to tell me what to write about.

I am writing this with so much smiles on my face because, I sat on my seat with all the doubts in the world that I would not be able to write a post today and here I am, with over 1434 words.

God reprimanded me today; what is He reprimanding you for?

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