Jesus is Risen; The Battle is Over.

For the first time in my entire life, I am not going to celebrate Easter the same way I have always celebrated it in the past. No!

This time is different. This time, God was gracious enough to reveal to me the true essence of Easter. He showed me what really happened on Easter day and my mind has been bursting in excitement ever since I got this revelation and I could wait to share it with you.

So, what is the significance of Easter?

Now, let’s look at it this way:

Painfully watching man go through anguish, torment and manipulations from the Devil; God continuously equipped us with the right tools to defeat the Devil but every time we tried, the devil outsmarted us.

It was not that we were not as smart or even smarter than the devil; it was just that at the beginning, we had willfully given him our rights and freedom (the exchange that happened at the garden of Eden). And so, no matter how we tried to escape from the devil’s trap, we could not because he had the keys.

So, when God saw that His current technique to help us was failing, He knew He had to do two things,

Firstly, He knew that there was a huge gap between who we were created to be and who we thought we were. We had listened to so much lies from the Devil, that we had come to believe that we had no powers of our own, through God. So, God knew that He had to work on our minds – we needed a total mental revamp.

Secondly, He knew that someone needed to go down to the Devil, in hell, to get back the keys that man had given him. And there was no other person fit enough to take on these missions except for someone with a divine personality – His Son – Jesus Christ.

So, Jesus accepted the cause and came down to earth. After spending 33 years of His life, teaching, correcting and remolding us, He died on Good Friday and made His way to hell.

Now, I am not going to act like I know exactly what happened down there but I can imagine –

I can imagine how much of a power tussle must have gone down in hell between Jesus and the Devil. I can imagine how many times the devil flexed His muscles on Jesus, considering Jesus was in the devil’s territory and he had agents that responded to his beck and call.

I can imagine how much the devil must have wanted to win against God and tried his best possible to ensure that Jesus does not rise up on the third… I can only imagine.

But if there is one thing I know; it is the God in whom I serve. He never fails. He never starts a mission without completing it. He is God and there is nothing impossible for Him to do.

So, every time the devil thought he was winning against God, God was just marking the calendar and waiting for the third to show himself supreme.

On the third day, Jesus must have received so much strength from His Father that He was able to take back the keys and leave Hell for earth.


He came to earth as a proof to us that all He had been telling us about the Father, His love for us and His capabilities in us were true.

He came to show us that the devil was indeed just barks and no true power. That the only power the devil had over us was the one we give to him every time we doubted ourselves or did not use our powers.

He came to show us that indeed Greater is He that is in us than they that are in the world.

He came to show us the keys, the ones He retracted from the devil, as proof that we were no longer bounded by the curse of the law, of sin and of death.

He came to show us that we were now freed from every bondage and manipulation of the devil.

He came to set us free!

In doing us all these, He appeared to us time and time again; He opened our eyes, that had been shut by the exchange that happened at the garden of Eden; He gave room for every doubt that the Thomas in us presented; He did all these to prove to  that we are indeed free.

And when He was sure that His message had been fully passed. He began to tell us the kinds of power we now possessed:

In Mark 16: 17 – 18, Jesus told His disciples that whoever Believes in Him and is baptized by the Holy Spirit, will be given the power to perform miracles. They will drive out demons in His name; They will speak in strange tongues; If they pick up snakes or drink any poison, they will not be harmed; They will place their hands on the sick and the sick will recover.

These and more are the true essence of Easter.

So, Easter is not just another Christian public holiday neither is it an excuse to eat lots of meat and food. No!

Easter is the day we celebrate Jesus for all the pain He must have gone through in hell to set us free.

Easter is the day that we celebrate our freedom from the devil.

Easter is the day that we take off every mask and facade the devil had won on us through his antics.

Easter is indeed the day of celebration for your life and every other believer’s life too.

Today, just as our Lord Jesus Christ resurrected from the grave, I pray that you and I are resurrected from every mental and physical bondage that has held us down. I pray that we are baptized with the Holy Spirit and we begin to live our lives in the fullness and intent of God on earth.

Happy Easter my darling.

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