ME Chapter 4

He got up, held my hands in his and said,

“I told you we would enjoy the service, didn’t I?”

I barely nodded, waiting for him to let go of my hands and go join his mates to his dormitory while I head for mine. But the guy standing beside me clearly had no intention to do any of that.

So, when he realized I was not ready to get up, he sat back and said,

“What is it now, you want us to stroll to the classroom or what?”

“No!”, I said, apprehensively. “I was thinking you would head back to your dormitory with your mates, you know?”

“My mates? and miss the opportunity of hearing the first human being I have ever seen cry during worship, explain to me, what was going on?

No dear, we are walking this one together.” Emmanuel said.

Oh Lord, I had even forgotten that part; And there I was, glad that he didn’t bring it up.

“Okay, I just hope I do not get into trouble for this.” I said.

“Now you think of trouble? If you were ever going to get into trouble for being with me, it is too late to remedy that my dear. So forget about all that and let’s go.” Emmanuel responded.

So I got up and stared at his palm stretched out for me to place mine on, then obliged and gave him mine. He squeezed it a little then said,

“So what happened?”

“Nothing.” I responded.

“Nothing?” Emmanuel asked.

I nodded and walked on.

What met me in front of the multi-purpose hall, was all I needed to know that I was in soup. Four senior girls stood at the entrance of the hall, watching me walk out with Emmanuel.

At the sight of them, I froze. Then heard his voice go,

“Relax, you are with me. Nothing will happen to you.”

I stared into his face, searching desperately for a sign of assurance, and there it was, a little grin, the right side of his upper lip lifted up and down very quickly, as he tilted his head up and down. And somehow, it was enough reassurance.

On our way back to the dormitory, we talked about our childhood, parents, friends. I was quick to introduce him to my dear friends, Bimbo, Ugo, and Shade. Then I let him in on all our conversations about boys and how conflicting the reality was when I got into this school.

He laughed uncontrollably.

“How different was the reality?” He asked.

“I don’t know, something about boys frightens me.” I said.

“Frightens you?” He asked, puzzled.

“More like, makes me shy.” I gave in.

“So what are really saying? That I must be the ugliest boy in this school for me not to make you shy.” He responded. Only then, did the reality hit me, I have just spent more than two hours with a guy and I didn’t even notice.

“Errr… No, I started.” But thankfully, we had just reached the gate of the girl’s dormitory and I happily took the escape.

“I guess it is time to say good bye.”

He smiled at me in a very cute way and said,

“I usually do not go out for lunch on Sundays but if you promise me that you will be out, I just might break my rules for you.” He said.

I just ran into the gate and ran fast to my hostel, then to my bunk. Sat down on my bed and tried to make sense of what had just happened.


After hours of unfruitful thought, I went to the box room, where we all kept our bags of provisions and people like me, hid our phones. I brought out my phone from my box and called Ugo’s Mother.

“Good afternoon ma, it is me Dorathy.” I said.

“Ha, my dear, you do not have to introduce yourself, I know your number. My daughter has been waiting for your call. Wait, let me get her for you. UGO! UGO! UGO! Come o, your friend has finally called.”

I could hear Ugo say,

“Which friend? Dorathy?” Through the phone and so I responded.

“Yes, it is me joor, take the phone let us talk.”

“HEY! I have been waiting for the boarding school girl o, to come and give me gist! Tell me all about it, is it everything we have imagined? How are the boys? Do you have a boyfriend now?” Ugo went on and on.

“Boyfriend? I just started here now? Is that how they used to have boyfriends?” I asked surprised that she had already figured it out. I mean, not like I considered Emmanuel my boyfriend but if I was being truthful, he was going to be the topic of our conversation.

“Ha, me I don’t know o. You know I am not a boarding school girl like you.” Ugo responded.

“Relax joor, I have a lot of things to tell you today.”

Just before I could begin the gist, the four senior girls that I saw at the entrance of the multi-purpose hall when Emmanuel and I left the church, walked straight into my room and to my bunk.

“You, stand up and follow us, now.” They said.

“Who is that?” Ugo asked.

“Senior students, I will have to call you back” And just before I got the opportunity to end the call, I felt hot slap on my cheek.

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