The Death of Christ; The Rise of You & I

It is ‘Good Friday’ already; the day that our Lord Jesus Christ died for You and I.

Let’s take a moment to picture it all. From the very beginning, the point when He knew He had to give up everything, to come down to earth to save us.

It must have broken His heart so much to watch us be controlled by sin, by the law, by agents of the Devil and by ignorant religious leaders who would interpret His word any way they could, to make themselves look good and us bad.

He was tired of seeing man, a being He created in His image and likeness, be manipulated by the very same things that man was supposed to control.

He could not take it anymore so; He gave up everything to come down to earth, to help us break the chains and barriers we had in our minds. He came to take back the key of life that we freely gave to the Devil. He came to correct every wrong that man had ever made. He came to raise you and I up.


When he came into earth; was baptized by water and Spirit and began His mission, it must have been sad for Him to watch the same people He was taking all the risk and pain for, criticize Him; fight Him; and try to kill Him.

He tried to tell us who He is and His mission on earth but we would not listen. He tried to heal us; maybe that would show us that He is for us but even that, we turned down.

Each miracle He performed, appeared to us like a power tussle and we wanted to win by all means! Who were we to try to win against God? How blind and foolish we were!

But none of our actions deterred Him. In fact, the more we pushed back, the more He plunged in. It was not a battle between He and us, it had never been a battle between He and us but between He and the Devil.

He knew that the Devil would do anything to ensure He never set us free. So, at every point, Jesus would look up to the Father and beg him to forgive us because we did not know what we were doing.


At the end of it all, when He was sure He had instilled His character, His mind, His ways and His operation into His followers, He knew it was time for the next mission – the main mission – His death and resurrection.

Hours before His death, when He thought about the process, His mind started to wear thin on Him, so, He turned to the Father but did not know what to say. He wished He could give up the cross but the cross was the exact reason He had come to earth in the first place. So, he gave up and gave himself into the pain and process. So, He said,

“Father, if it is Your will, take this cup away from Me; nevertheless, not My will, but Yours, be done.”

Then we came for Him.

The lies we told against Him. The people we bribed to bend the law against Him. The politics we pulled against Him. The strokes of cain we inflicted on Him. The skin we wiped off His body. The saliva we spat on Him. The mockery we showered on Him. The cross we placed on Him. The nails we drove through His hands and legs. The spade we pierced through Him. And every other thing we did to Him for Him to give up the ghost. And He did.

He died. Jesus died for You and I. He died that we may live free; free from every hold and right of the Devil over us; free from sin and bondage.

Today, being ‘Good Friday’, marks the day He died for You and I on the cross; so, tell me, what will you give Him in return for His death?

I challenge you not to think about any other thing for the next three days but just give Him thanks for everything that He did, has done and is still doing for You and I.

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