I almost did not write today’s edition. Why? Because I am sick. It creeped up on me from where I do not know.

I cannot deny it, the past couple of months has been very busy, stressful and draining for me. Whilst the world is quarantining, as a creative person, I am 100 percent working; I am shooting and editing videos, writing blog posts and keeping my followers on Instagram fear-free with my fun and faith-filled content.  

Now that that is out of the way; I have figured out a trick that, would I say the devil of his agent, has been playing on me – Whenever I commit myself to carry out a spiritual exercise, I begin to experience obstructions in my way.

The first time I ever noticed this was earlier in the year, I had just completed the 21 days prayer and fasting that was organized by my church. It was so intense that we met every day, by 7pm, to pray for an hour. From the first day, I experienced a boost in my spiritual life that I was sure I would not miss a day of the exercise.  

At the end of the 21 days, praying every night had become so part of me that I wanted to go on. However, because I was used to prayer with people, I told some sisters in my church my intention and they loved the idea, so we created a WhatsApp group and met on Zoom, every day, from 9 to 9:30pm to pray.

This exercise was so exciting for me that I looked forward to our prayer meeting every evening; In fact, I would read my Bible in the morning and circle out portions that I was eager to share with them that evening. Then I experienced the first trick of the devil.

Suddenly, my phone developed an issue and the 16 inbuilt memory of my phone no longer had space. Soon, I couldn’t do anything with my phone again because the moment I picked it up to even make a call, the very annoying ‘memory full’ notification would pop up every 2 minutes, literally.

I searched for how to move apps and files from the phone memory to my memory card and without exaggerating, all 10 videos I watched on how to do this, could not work on my phone. So, I ended up deleting WhatsApp app from my phone.

I informed the sisters of my frustration and gave them my other line to add me up so I could continue praying and that too failed! How? My internet developed a fault. My Spectranet network that used to move like the speed of light could not make a common WhatsApp call.

I became such a nuisance to the entire Spectranet costumer care team that an Engineer was sent to my house to figure out what the issue was. After two days of his visit, he himself confessed that everything was working fine so he could not understand why my network was faulty.

All these was happening within two weeks and I began to feel bad that I brought up an idea to some ladies and I was the one failing at it. So, I reached out to one of them to explain to her why I had not been joining them in prayer. It was not until I ended the call that the scale from my eyes fell off!

It was not my internet that was the battle, it was my prayer. The devil did not like the fervency of my prayer life and he was clearly stopping at nothing to put an end to it.

OMG! When I figured this out, I felt really bad for allowing him have the two weeks that had passed. I told myself that I no longer cared about my internet or prayer partners; that I would stop all the work I was doing by 8:50pm, stand in my office and pray the heavens down for the next 40 minutes.

That my darling was how I got my prayer life back!

Then Corona Virus came. It came at the right time, I might say; because I had been praying all night throughout 2020 and the voice of the Holy Spirit has now become so clear to me. He was giving me clear cut instructions, showing me revelations about my friends and family. Sis I was in such contact with God that fear had no place in my life.

Before the Virus hit Nigeria, I began to raise a prayer of mercy and healing for the whole world. But when it hit Nigeria, I was amazed at the fear that engulfed Nigerian. Everyone everywhere was afraid. Social media became the main source of fear because Bloggers felt the need to be the first to update their followers about every new and scary case of the Virus in Nigeria and beyond.

Being a Blogger myself, I thought to join the bandwagon, so as not to be left out on the new followers the virus content would bring; as everyone was searching for the next update on Covid-19.

After posting five Corona Virus related content, I got up from my seat to pray at the usual time and The Holy Spirit began to reprimand me!

‘How can you, a believer in God, a witness of God’s power and might be fueling the fear in the world? What are you doing? Making a mockery of Gods power; or what?

I heard the Spirit say this to me and I was sad. The Spirit showed me how dry the air going up to Heaven was because of the fear the world was sending to God and no praise.

‘Where were Christians? This was the time to show the world the supreme power of God but we are busy complaining and being paralyzed with fear.’.

Then the Spirit gave me two mandates;

Firstly, never to share any Corona Virus related post on my Instagram page again.

Secondly, to share the message of hope, faith and power to the world every single day. He even gave me a name for the message – FAITH OVER FEAR.

He told me that every day, just after I finished my evening prayer, I should turn on my laptop and write. He said I should not be bothered about what to write that He would give me the message as soon as I began writing.

I listened and began the ‘Faith Over Fear’ series. I have been doing this judiciously, until yesterday.

I became sick; too sick that when it was time to pray, I did not have the strength to stand up, so I sat and held the laziest prayer ever.

I thought God would understand, because, hey! I was sick.

Then today, I bought medications, took them and went out to make my hair, in preparation for the lock down in Lagos state. I do not even know how I managed to make my hair because, my head was aching, my throat was hurting me, all my joints became weak and painful that I could not imagine praying this night.

I came up with all the excuses ever and then The Holy Spirit, in His very usual manner, made me see how stupid I sounded.

‘How could sickness hold you back from praying to the God of healing? The one that told you that healing is the children’s bread. The one that not only heals but raises thousands of people from the dead!’

Oh! I felt so stupid! I got home and immediately it was 8:50pm, I began to pray.

Two minutes into it, I started to think about how much rest I needed to have as soon as I was done praying; you know, I would just postponed writing till tomorrow because, surely I was too sick to think and too weak to sit up to write anything.

I knew that was the Devil and I rebuked him instantly!

When I was done with my prayers, I sat up to write. Low and behold darling, I have written 1412 words and I can still go on.

Now, I tell you; Never be ignorant of the devices of the devil, his mission is to kill your faith and hope in God and he cannot do it without your permission.

So, get up now and pray. Pray when you are tired. Pray when you are confused. Pray when you are afraid. Pray and pray and I tell you, your effectual and fervent prayer will avail much for you!

Your prayer will break every barrier, confusion and fear in your life today in Jesus Name, Amen.

Do not forget to join me here tomorrow as I will be singing my healing song by then.

I love you. Stay safe and prayerful!

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