Let me begin today’s conversation stating that, I cannot believe I am about to discuss the importance of interceding for our leaders. Me? A Nigerian citizen, who has passed through the Government of different leaderships, with the hope that each new one would be better than the former; and time again, my hopes have been dashed, severely.

It was after the 2019 election that I finally gave up on the Government of my country and any hope of its salvation. I had gone through four years the previous Government’s leadership and had experienced, directing and indirection, the hardship that came with it. So, when it was time to elect another President, I decided to do anything possible, within my powers, to foster a change of Government.

I joined the campaign rally of an opposition party, travelled different states, with them, to sensitize the residents on the need for a change of Government. I even honored a BBC interview on why everyone’s vote was needed to bring change and hope to the country.  

However, after all my stress, I did not only get denied a voter’s card (even after I applied following all due process), I also witnessed a not so clear electoral process. And low and behold, the previous Government retained the power to lead the country, for the next four years.

I said to myself, that there no need waiting for the Government of my country to hand me anything. That if I wanted to achieve something, I needed to put my head down and hands to work, to get it.

I no longer cared about any money embezzlement story. I did not want to hear anything. I was dead to the reality of having a Government and its benefit. And I certainly was not interceding for them at all. Until, I started to study the scriptures and gave the Holy Spirit access to my mind; to interpret the scriptures to me and guide me to find the truth I needed for my life and my journey ahead.

And then, He opened my eyes.

One day, while I was observing my evening prayers, the Holy Spirit started to show me the need to intercede for my land and the rulers of the land. Oh, this one was tough!

‘How was I supposed to do that? They did not care about the masses, they only cared about themselves and how to enrich themselves even further.’ I bantered with the Spirit.

Then He took me to the story of king Saul.

You see before Saul became the King of Israel; the people of Israel were led by God through the Prophets. God would speak to the Prophets and he would relate the message to the Israelites. Things moved smoothly that way until, the Israelites began to compare themselves to other nations.

“They all had leaders”, they said, “So we want a leader too.”, they began to request from the Prophet, Samuel.’ Prophet Samuel tried to explain to them how that was not God’s agenda for them but they insisted that that was what they wanted and were sure it would help them become greater.

So, Samuel related their request to God and God picked out a leader for them, Saul.

It is important to note that God, searched through all the provinces and chose for Himself a leader to rule His people, the Israelites.

Saul was crowned King and the people rejoiced. He was such a fair and strong King. He led them to war against their enemies and always returned victorious because He had the backing of God. He never failed to consult Prophet Samuel before taking any major decision.

This was the case for years until jealousy possessed Saul.

What had happened was that, David often came to Saul’s Palace to play him sweet melodies that drove away the evil spirit that tormented Saul every once in a while. Until the day, David, with all bold and faith in God, moved to fighting and killing Goliath. It was at this time that Saul took interest in him.

He made David stay permanently in his Kingdom and every mission Saul sent David on, he was so successful that Saul made him an officer of his army.

As David was returning from his killing, the people came out rejoicing and singing,

‘Saul killed thousands but David killed ten thousand!’

Saul did not like the comparison and was pushed to jealousy and anger, so he tried to kill David. That was the beginning of Saul’s fall.

Now let’s retract a little and ask ourselves how a man, that God personally chose to be king became so consumed with jealousy that he did not mind becoming a murderer. If you read the book of 1 Samuel from chapter 18 down wards, you would see that Saul graduated from Anger and Jealousy to Impatience; which eventually let to God taking away the kingship from him.  

David was supposed to be the succeeding king after Saul and even though the Prophet told Saul that God had taken the kingdom from him and given it to David, Saul would not forfeit the throne instead, he spent his last days trying to kill David.

I mean, imagine how minor jealousy and impatience is; then take a look at your own life and see that we all have a little bit of them in us. If yours is neither of these two, it might be anger, backbiting or something that is certainly not Godly and because of our status now, our mistakes might not be as grave or publicly pronounced.  

This is why we need to pray for the leaders of our country because, some of them might be there with the right intentions and calling however, some vices that they have and have not dealt with, might cause them to do things that they would ordinarily not do.

Firstly, remember, God instructs us to love our neighbors as ourselves. Hence, the moment we begin to see our leaders as ourselves, then, understanding some of the mistakes they make will be easier.

Secondly, they are heads over us, be it in the political stand or our work place. This means that no matter how we look at it, what we truly desire is a fair leadership and so if we commit them in God’s hands, He has access over their minds and thoughts and He can cause them to do right.

Thirdly, I cannot remember any problem that complaining solved but I know that if you cannot reach the head, you can talk to the Head of all heads to direct your head right.

So, what should we pray for?

That God leads them right. That He teaches them how to lead and rule us fairly. That He grants them the wisdom, knowledge and understanding to rule… From this point, the Holy Spirit will lead you further.

PS: I feel a whole better now. *If you read yesterday’s piece, you will be rejoicing for me.

Till next time we see, stay safe and prayerful.

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