In the Bible, there are countless accounts of people offering sacrifices to God, some He rejected while others He accepted. Like in the case of Cain and Abel, I have always wondered why two brothers will offer sacrifices to God and He would accept one and reject that of the other.

What I have come to realize is that, the answer to my worry is not as important as the fact that Humans need to offer sacrifices to God.

Before the death of Jesus Christ, man used to offer the blood bulls and lambs to God as sacrifices but because of how unworthy and insufficient that was; God had mercy on mankind and gave up His son, that Jesus’ blood, being worthy and sufficient, be offered as sacrifice once and for all.

With this, the great exchange was made – Our lives for His blood. The blood of Jesus was all the payment that was needed to take our lives from the hands of the Devil and return it God. Now, we have gained the right to be legitimate children of God.

As a child of God, one of the major reasons God put us on earth is to give Him glory. Isaiah 43: 21 clearly states that ‘God made us for Himself that we may declare His praise.’.

But man came into earth and became too busy to praise God. Every other thing (work, friends, politics, family, children, life etc.) stole our attention away from our main purpose – praising God.

Day by day, God, in trying to bring us back to our purpose, would whisper into our ears suggesting that we pause everything and say a little prayer to Him or sing songs of worship. But we would tell Him that if we finished up one more thing, then, we will have His time. One thing lead to two and more, until the day is over.

I remember clearly one time I ran around this cycle with God.

I was recounting the activities of Big Brother Naija to my subscribers on YouTube so, that entailed that I stayed up at night to catch every last juice that happened in the house.

Often times, I’d get this urge to pray at 12AM but I suppressed the urge with the fact that that the very time when the kisses and gossips usually happened and gist like that brought me thousands of views to my channel, hence, taking my eyes off the screen was detrimental to my work.

I am sure you might have had scenarios like mine.

We somehow ended up relegating our fellowship time with God to church services. I mean, if we attended Sunday service early enough to catch the worship, praise and preaching, we felt it was fellowship enough with God and the rest of the week was meant for every other thing but God.

Well now, God has taken away all our excuses. Things as basic as hanging out at the lounge with our guys are now being prohibited. Offices are shutting down. Even churches can no longer house us all in service and everyone is mandated to stay at home.

Can you not see that God is giving us the opportunity to get back in line with our purpose on earth? To build an alter in our homes and hearts for Him. To offer Him heartfelt praise and worship. To fill the whole earth with his knowledge.

Now, more than ever. Now that the world is crying in of fear, confusion, worry and uncertainty. What will you do right now?   

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