Today’s topic is very personal for me because I have been down this road too many times.

I like to compare our walk with God to the student and the teacher relationship. Now this student happens to be the teacher’s favorite kid in the class. Every time, it is time to learn, the teacher would send him to the front seat, so as to avoid any distraction.

When she teaches, she teaches in the most simplified manner to aid his assimilate. Every 5 minutes into teaching, she would stop and ask the class if they understood so far. Even though the whole class might echo ‘Yes” but the favorite one says no; the teacher would get closer to him, ask him what his confusion was, clear it up for him and then continue teaching.  

After every lesson, she would give the class an assignment to take home. When everyone leaves, she would call the favorite to her table and ask him to walk her through the assignment. Wherever he was stuck, she would clear it up for him and give him a different assignment to go home with.

The teacher will do anything within her powers to make sure her favorite student understands every aspect of the subject so that when it is time for the test, she can sit comfortably and watch the class write without feeling heartbroken by the look of confusion on his face.

This is exactly how I picture our walk with God.

When we study the Bible, we learn the ways and heart of God. When we pray, the Holy Spirit shows us areas in our lives that we have to address and if you are quiet enough, things in our life that we need to put out. All this is done to prepare us for the test.

The test, in our case, is the challenges that we face in our lives. I like to think that, just like the teacher, it breaks God’s heart to watch us look confuse or, waste our time complaining about the problem instead of putting into practice all He has taught us through His word and His Spirit.

I remember the last time I am sure I made God heartbroken. I was facing a challenge at work and had been in this corner for the past two weeks. I had done everything logically possible to correct my situation but nothing seemed to be working.

I mean, I read the Bible every morning and spent the rest of the day running through the cycle of frustration, trying to sort out the problem.

One day, I had been in front of my computer for four long hours, doing nothing productive instead, wasting my time wondering why everything was not going as I wanted it to go.

I could not take it anymore so, I got up and went to my mother’s room, sat beside her for about ten minutes, trying to hold back the tears of frustration that fought hard to accompany my question. When I had full control of it, I turned to her and asked,

What do you do when everything seems not to be working out?”

She smiled at me and simply said, “Sing… You just sing praise and worship songs to God, Omy.”

This was certainly not what I wanted to hear. I was hoping she would have asked me what the problem was, so I could vent out my frustration to her and probably feel better for the moment but my Mother beat me to it.

While I was still trying to take in her response, she closed her eyes and began to sing to God. I waited for her to be done so I could walk out in anger and frustration but each song birth another and then another. When she got to the third one, I had no choice but to join her in singing.

We went a good ten minutes singing and praising God then she held my hands and we prayed together.

Afterwards, I was back in my office and this time, I came back with the feeling of assurance that God was in control of it all. I flipped open my laptop and began to work.

I randomly got an idea on what to do to sort the first challenge out and to my surprise, it worked instantly. “Oh, this is a good sign!”, I said to myself and continued working, trying everything possible to avoid anything that was related to the source of the frustration.

At night, my video was fully edited and now ready to be uploaded to my channel. So, I turned on my WIFI and tried to upload the to my YouTube channel but somehow, my laptop was not seeing my WIFI.

I had two options, to scream or vent out my frustration or kneel and worship God some more.

By now, I am sure you know what option I went for. The worship of course.

I knelt, worshipped God, put my WIFI and its connection under God’s control. Then I plugged my laptop and began to upload the video.

Other days, I’d stay up all night, watching the sluggish movement of the upload in frustration but today was a different day.

Today I walked to my bed, laid down and slept, telling myself that by the time I wake up the next morning, my video would be 100% uploaded and I’ll publish it for the world to see.

And that was exactly what happened!

So, what do you do when everything seems not to be working right?

Do everything humanly and spiritually possible for it to be resolved and then stop struggling instead, thank God for the challenge because it is an opportunity for Him to show Himself able to take good care of you and sort out your challenge, then forget about it.

It might be difficult to forget but that is exactly what you need to do; forget it. Just like the Bible says in Ephesians 6:13, We should take on the full armor of God and after doing everything to stand, stand therefore!

Do this and come share your own testimony with me.

Till next time we see, stay safe and prayerful.


  1. Wow omy this is so inspiring. God bless you for reminding me to do this when faced with challenges. Keep the good work going sis. Love u plenty

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