This is a trying time but this is no different from the trying times we have faced in our lives.

I have a very lovely elder sister, whom I believe is one of the strongest people on earth. While in the University, she went through hell and back. There was this one time we travelled to the village and she came back with an illness.

Initially we thought it was just the regular malaria but after she took medications and did not feel better, we headed to the hospital. She was there for months. Nobody knew what the problem was; the doctors could not see anything wrong with her but ceaseless prayers were made on her behalf and at the end of it all, she recovered. Miraculously I must add.

And then my Dad died half way into her time in the University. She was in one of the highest paying private schools and every new session, we were sure she was going to drop out however, she ended up graduating with a 2.1. Miraculously I must add again.

Now the amazing thing about her story was the role I played in it.

I was that quiet little girl, who sat by the side and watched her walk through the narrow lines of fear and anxiety and come out victorious.

And I learnt a big lesson. I learnt that no matter how scary any situation is, as long as you do not stop and get drowned in the fear; as long as you continue to take steps forward amidst the fear and uncertainty, you will always come out victorious.

Years after graduating from the University, she is faced with situations that are less scary than death and dropping out of school but she always failed to look back on how God came through for her in the past. She forgets that if He was capable of seeing her through before, He can do it again.

She would call me into her room to tell me how scared and unsure she was about her life and future. I’d look at her and say, “Sister, every time you are faced with anything that seems too big or impossible, cast your mind to the past and how God saw you through more scary things. If He could do it then, He can do it now.

Now, lets look at a totally different person, David. He brought so much victory to his nation by defeating the giant that was tormenting them for days, Goliath. Let’s look at how David developed the guts to even think of fighting Goliath.

David was a little boy who had never been in a war before. He had brothers who were strong and great warriors but all he did at the time was walk his sheep through the field.

The little shepherd boy could do anything to ensure that his sheep were saved. And when they were faced with a Bear and a Lion, he believed in the strength within him – the God strength – so much that he faced and killed the wild animals with a sling, a stone and his bare hands.

Then one day, he had to take food to his brothers who were at the war front, shying away from fighting the daunting and scary Giant and warrior, Goliath.

And when David heard the fear that Goliath was instilling upon the whole kingdom – How many people he had killed and how he would make a meat of even the strongest warrior of the land of Israel. He could not take it! He could not watch a mere man or, in his words, an uncircumcised Philistine make a mockery of not just his people but His God… The God you and I serve today. And so, he opted to fight Goliath.

When Saul, considering David’s size and the fear in the faces of his strongest warriors, asked David if was serious about fighting Goliath. He walked Saul through all the past victories that he had gotten through God and how that was all the assurance he needed to convince him that he would kill Goliath and he did.

So, tell me, are you truly a believer in God – God the Almighty – God the greatest warrior – God the balm in Gilead? Has He ever done anything for you that you thought was impossible? If your answers are Yes then, why are we allowing the fear of this Virus shut down the power and greatest of our God?

While I observed my evening prayer today, I heard the Holy Spirit ask me, ‘Where is the voice of the Church?’ Where is the voice of the Believers?’ Where is your voice?’

Now, when the world is crying in fear; Now when the whole world is still and looking for a way, an answer, something to believe in; What are you saying to them?

Are you telling them the great things that your God has done and can do? Or are you joining the world in crying?

God is giving us a very rare opportunity to tell the whole who He is and how He operates, so why are we not taking advantage of it. Why are we not on Social Media telling our 500, 2000 or 1,000,000 followers the greatness of our God?

If the world is communicating fear on the internet, Believers should communicate their faith too.

Greater is He that in us than he that is in the world! So take off the cloak of fear from your body and put on your cloak of faith! Tell the world about your God and I promise, He will never fail you! He has never failed and He will not start now! Corona Virus or not, God always wins!

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