This is one question I have been itching to ask everyone who either calls themselves believers in Christ or Christians and are consumed with fear in this time;

Why are you afraid? What are you afraid of? Do you not know the God in whom you serve? Have you not heard of the great things He has done? So why are you afraid?

The Bible is filled with so many stories of cases where God came to the rescue of His children; Of how He responded when they called him; Of the countless mercies and grace He showed them even when they wronged Him and repented from their sins.

Let’s take the gears back to the old testament.

As a Pentecostal girl, one thing that really displeases me, is when I hear Pastors say that we are New Testament believers. I dislike this because it somehow relegated members of the church to run away from reading the Old Testament books and stick to just the new testament.

I used to be in this shoes myself. When I finally decided to read the Bible, I would never go to the Old testament because somehow, I was made to believe that it showed how God was a mean and unforgiven consuming fire. Until this time when we were observing a 40 day fast, in my church, and were told to read all the books of the new testament. The more I read, the more of God I wanted to know.

So, when the fast was over and I had consumed all the books of the new testament, I was still hungry. So, I challenged myself to read the old testament. That was when I found out the truth – That you cannot truly know the heart of God if you do not read the books of the old testament.

The first story that amazed me was that of the people of Israel.

There was famine in their land and God in his wisdom, went ahead of them and put Joseph in the position to be able to rescue them from the famine and bring them to Egypt. There, they were fed and well taken care of.

Many years later, years after Joseph had died and all the kings that knew about their history in Egypt had passed on; the people of Israel had now grown so large that the new king thought it wise to make them slaves in the kingdom. He gave them unimaginable labour and hardship and they cried to God for help.

God heard them and sent Moses to their rescue.

Moses came and assured them that God had sent him to lead them out of Egypt, to a land flowing with milk and honey. They liked the sound of that; I mean who wouldn’t? But the dilemma they faced however, was that the people of Egypt had controlled their mind so much that they could not imagine any way that they could be rescued from their hands.

But God is God! And there is nothing too difficult for Him to do so, He wanted to teach them this lesson. In their presence, He plagued the Egyptians with disgusting and deadly pestilence. It ranged from inflicting boils all over their bodies to turning their water to blood and then flooding their lands with flies to killing their animals but, it was not until God killed every first born son of the Egyptians that they finally got the message – that God was serious about His love for His children and that there was no length He would not go to rescue them.

So, the Egyptians gave up and begged the Israelites to leave their land, also gave them their golds and silver to go with.

Now pause a little bit, let me properly paint this amazing picture for you:

Do you know that with all the plagues and pestilence that God inflicted the Egyptians with; nothing touched the Israelites? I mean, they were both in the same land and they watched God inflict these people time and time again without a single hair on their body hurting.

One would think that after witnessing all these things, they would have no iota of fear or doubt in God, right?

Well No! Because, hours after they were released to evacuate the land, they left with so much joy. Running as fast as they could to the boundary of Egypt; only to be faced with a huge sea – The Red Sea and immediately, fear engulf them. They instantly forgot all the miracles, signs and wonders that God had performed in getting them there. The Red Sea now seemed too big for their minds to contain and somehow, they made it too big for God to work on.

They turned back, saw the Egyptians running towards them with chariots and war men and they immediately started to complain. They blamed Moses for bringing them there and putting their lives at risk; They asked him why he did not just leave them to face the hardship in Egypt… they went on and on, forgetting that it was their cry for help that God listened to and came to their rescue.

But Moses being a true child of God; one that understands that, if God tells you He would never leave you nor forsake you, He actually means it. Moses looked up to God and asked for help and direction as to what to do. Then God gave him an interesting answer.

In the book of Exodus 14: 15 – 16 The Lord said to Moses, “Why do you cry to me? Tell the people of Israel to go forward. What do you have in your hands, lift up your staff, and stretch out your hand over the sea and divide it, that the people of Israel may go through the sea on dry ground.

And before their eyes, yet again, the huge sea was path into two and the people of Israel went through it. The Egyptians followed them likewise but when the last one of them had come out, God asked Moses so stretch forth his hand again ad he did and the Sea closed up, swallowing all the Egyptians in it.

That was how they were rescued from the hands of the Egyptians.

Now, is it not funny how many of us are just like the people of Israel? With all the diverse miracles that God has performed in our lives; We doubt God’s capability to save us from each new challenge we face. We begin to fear; To see the challenges as too big that we demystify our God and His power to save us.

Why are we afraid? Has God not rescued you from way more than whatever you are faced with right now?

Yes, the virus seems to be inflicting the whole world but that should never reduce the Might and Capacity of your God. Corona Virus might seem deadly but God Almighty has stopped deadlier diseases; He has raised people from the dead; He pathed the Red Sea; He has killed kings and oppositions of the gospel; He has proven to be God above much more serious situations.

So today, choose to do things differently. Let go of your fearful and doubtful ways. Look upon your God and not the problem or Virus. Ask your God for help and believe that He will save you and He will save you!

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