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When you get that fantastic idea, the first thing to do is not to float the idea/business to the public but to flesh it out. Draw up a corporate profile, business mission and vision, why the business is in existence, product review, a portfolio and to be bullish, a professional website and content. Content, by far, is the most important component in marketing your business online. Marketing content should be professional, informative, and engaging; Hence, publishing substandard writing can undermine your company’s image and credibility. Placing your efforts in the hands of trained marketing professionals and writers can solve the problem altogether.

What We Can Do For You​

At Talk2urhommie Communications, we can either;

Collect, organize and deliver published content, that is relevant to you and your audience, to help you grow a following. The content can be used for your social platforms, blog and email newsletter on a weekly or monthly basis.

Take your documented strategy and execute the content creation. We will basically turn around your articles to create concise, clear and professional blog posts, social media posts, and email newsletters for you

We will handle everything from strategy development to content creation, editing, publishing, distribution and analytics, and act as true partners in your team’s marketing efforts.

We will assign a team of account managers, content strategists, writers and editors to work with you to understand your company, your audience and your goals and create content in collaboration with you.

When you work with us, you will be rest assured that you are working with experienced writers who know how to get the results you need, the type of content to create based on your present needs and desired outcome.

We will also pitch ideas for your blog posts and this will save you the stress of regular brainstorming about content.

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Let us help you properly define your goals, identify your problems and arrive at the solutions through writing your Company Profile, Website Content, Portfolio, Press Releases, Product Review, Proposals and Business Plan today. (CONTACT US)

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